Announcing New Tool Shed Sponsorship Program

As the Tool Shed approaches a year old, we are excited to announce a new collaboration with the City of Rochester’s Neighborhood & Business Development- Housing Division! When any business, community organization, or non-profit sponsors SEAC’s Tool Shed, we will give a number of memberships to the Housing Division, which will then be distributed to Rochester residents that have completed the City’s Home Purchasing Program. We are committed to getting our tools into the hands of people that need them, so they can make the changes the want. To that effect, we are preemptively gifting 30 Tinker level memberships to the Neighborhood & Business Development- Housing Division to kick this collaboration off strong! On a personal note (Mike Evans)- my wife and I just become first time home owners in October 2022 and the Tool Shed saved us $900+ in the first weekend in our home (and more since), so I personally experienced the positive impact of having access to tools when you’re on a budget.

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