Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the South East Area Coalition?

The South East Area Coalition, Inc. is a Neighborhood Preservation Company that facilitates community and economic development in southeast Rochester. We help the citizens who live and work in southeast Rochester to accomplish goals and initiatives for their neighborhoods and businesses. We support existing neighborhood and merchant associations, as well as help to organize citizens into groups to generate sought-after results.

SEAC supports our southeast area business by shopping local as much as possible, keeping the money here in the community.

Q: What is the Tool Shed?

This program’s mission is to provide access to tools to any resident, business, or organization in the Greater Rochester Area (all 9 counties!), for a small annual fee ($25 per year for the basic level).  Tools are expensive and shouldn’t be an obstacle to anyone wanting to do repairs on their home, business, or in their community.

Many people do not purchase tools because either they cannot afford them or simply do not wish to pay for something they will use once, maybe twice, in their lifetime.  This program removes both of those hurdles, giving access to tools to those who need and want it.  Community groups looking to engage in Clean Sweeps, neighborhood beautification projects, and the like, need look no further than SEAC’s Tool Shed to assist with their needs. Low-income homeowners wanting to complete repairs on their homes should be able to do so without tool cost barriers holding them back.  Independent contractors looking to earn income and hone their skills should not miss out because they can’t afford all the tools for the job.

Q: How can I become a Member?

Anyone over the age of 18 that lives in the Greater Rochester Area (9 county region) can become a member. You will need to fill out information on our Membership Page ».

When you come in for the first time you will be required to present the following:

  • Two proofs of residency in the Greater Rochester Area, such as a utility or phone bill or paystub.
  • A debit/credit card to have on file (this is in the case of late fees or tools being damaged by the renter).
  • Fill out the Lending Agreement and Indemnification and Waiver.

Once we have the documentation and have verified that your membership fee is paid in full, you will receive your membership card.

Q: How can I support SEAC’s Tool Shed?

Monetary donations » or dropping off tools for our program is a major help!

We also are looking for people interested in volunteering at the Tool Shed during its operating hours and/or in SEAC’s community engagement events.  Fill out our Volunteer Application Form »

Q: What are some other projects SEAC is involved in?

In 2020-2021 SEAC:

  • Held seven drives, gathering various goods for those in need.
  • Gave monetary donations to five different agencies so they could purchase needed food or hygiene supplies to deliver to those they serve.
  • Constructed over 200 hygiene bags for the Pearl Meigs Monroe Neighborhood Blessing Boxes.
  • Collaborated with Flower City Arts Center to educate youths on a bunch of the cool stuff in our neighborhoods while they learned to take photographs.
  • Successfully applied for a grant to support one of our fiduciaries, the Mount Hope World Singers.
  • Held an amazing cultivation event at one of our fiduciaries, Wide Water Gardens.
  • Successfully procured Five Season licensing for Wide Water Gardens- something they have been after for three years now.
  • Collaborated in a think tank on communication and disbursement of information regarding the EPPI 2.0.
  • Created a small program to thank people for eating at locally-owned restaurants.
  • Created home repair and preventative maintenance information flyers for new and veteran homeowners.
  • Collaborated with Highland Planning and REConnect Rochester to write a grant for sitting cubes at bus stations.
  • Participated in three Clean Sweeps in our service area.
  • Launched a Needs Assessment Survey of residents in our service area.
  • Successfully completed two Playful Sidewalks and have two more on the way!
  • Created a vocational scholarship for youths receiving services from Center For Youth- and we already have three recipients!
  • Created a workshop for people with sight impairments called Feel Your Way in collaboration with 490 Farmers.
  • Formed new partnerships and collaborations with other agencies, such as Center For Youth, Foodlink, United Way Systems Integration, Highland Planning, RochesterWorks, Saint John Fisher, Connected Communities, 490 Famers, and more!
  • Continued support for our Merchant and Neighborhood Associations.
  • Gave out one hundred $5 vouchers to individuals in need for Foodlink’s Curbside Market.
  • Collaborating with Center For Youth and Saint John Fisher to create a Work Experience Program for youths to obtain real-world leadership and work skills as well as a variety of nonprofit experience.
  • Begun the process of creating an exciting and hopefully highly impactful Tool Shed program.
  • Provided monetary support to the Park Ave Revitalization Committee to repair an irrigation issue.
  • Provided monetary support to the ABC Streets Neighborhood Fall Festival for catering food.
  • Created a Block Club initiative that will empower people to organize and tackle issues on their block.
  • Held an AMAZING fundraising event that had over 100 attendees and raised $14,000!


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